"I have gone to Dr. Bennett for a long time. He and his staff have always been professional. This is why I continue to see Dr. Bennett and travel more than an hour."

"I switched insurance providers so I could stay with Dr. Roberts. I have not been disappointed. If I needed another doctor Dr. Roberts has referred me to someone in my network and I have been very happy."

"Doctor Tschetter is a wonderful and amazing doctor!!"

"We appreciate the care and kindness of the staff and Dr. Roberts for being there when we need them."

"I have worked professionally years ago, with Dr. Roberts. There is no one as capable, committed, and as good a teacher as he. My entire biological family use his services and care. We are MORE than GRATEFUL for the vigilant, detailed medical mgmt."

"I appreciate how streamlined the process was from the receptionist to the nurse to the physician. Then, while with the physician the nurse came in to give me a vaccination (must've been alerted via the computer) and she was AWESOME, and the receptionist knew exactly when my return appt was as I came out. Wonderful."

"There is no doctor I trust & respect as much as I do Dr. Roberts. As I approach my 70's I know there will be "troubleshooting" to extend my life to the max. I'm fortunate to have him as my director to help me get me through the balance of my life as healthy as possible."